The automatic lid closing machine is especially designed for high capacity linear or rotary filling lines. The automatic lid closing machine can be described as a precise and complete solution for the firms having problems with lid alignment and lid closing as it is easy to install and simple to integrate into filling lines. It automatically closes the lids of the filled products coming from the filling group by nailing, screwing or plastering according to their specifications. These machines, which are manufactured in accordance with the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and similar sectors, also have the possibility to produce in different systems according to the capacity and the model of the lids. It has a sturdy chassis made entirely of 304 stainless steel. Thanks to the double side straps, the lid is fixed with high precision during closing. The automatic height adjustment for packs in different height can be done via the control panel. The swivel arm and the numerators serve an easy use and adjusment for packs in different height, and it is possible to record this adjusment via the touch panel. The speed settings of the machine and the non-mechanical parts are PLC controlled and it is designed on the easy removal and installation of variable parts. The shut-off torque setting is adjusted via the air inlet unit, allowing round, oval, square and rectangular packages to be closed without changing any parts. Maintenance and cleaning of the machine can be easily done. According to the inquire, the machine are designed by making the dimensional changes. The amount of reserviour indicated in the technical details of the machine can be reduced or multiplied by varying the size of the bottle. Instead of performing a single bottle process at the lid closing and squeezing stations, double bottles can be processed at each station. This will increase the capacity and shorten the deadline.

NOTE: As Meditek Machine, we provide you the opportunity to use equipment brands that you can choose and procure during the machine production phase. These include electrical, electronic and pneumatic equipment. We also provide the technical support for the machines we produce.



Machine size

1300 mm

Machine strip size

3000 mm

Machine height

1700 mm

Machine width

1200 mm

Machine weight

200 kg

Amount of reservior

8 units


Pliers system


torque system

Strip transitions




0,37KW ( 2adet )

Air pressure8 Bar
Stainless body chasisGuaranteed
Touch screen7' INCH
Electric Power0,75 KW 200 V

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