Full automatic lineer filling machine enables to fill liquid soap, shampoo, hair cream, shower gel, detergent, vegetable oils, mineral oils, pesticides, fruit juices, bleach, liquid chemicals and similar products to all kinds of packages such as pet, box, bottle and canister. It is Pneumatic check valve and PLC controlled. The filling nozzles are of the mouth-opening & closing type. The filling starts automatically when the sensors see the bottles. The feeding tank is mounted on the machine. The filling group consists of 304 stainless steel.Sealing equipment consists of PTFE teflon and vitreous.The integration between the stations is extremely comfortable and easy. Sound and noise are isolated at maximum level. The machine's product dispenser is suitable for automatic feeding. In the filling system, the package manually put on the conveyor belt automatically comes to the filling group. The units counter system counts up to the desired number, and then the product cutters stop the counted group. The centralized packaging is visible through optical readers and then the filling process begins. The filling mouths do not deform when they are fully seated in the mouth of the package. The filling starts from the bottom of the package with the downward movement of the filling modules and ends at the package mouth. This prevents foaming of the liquid in the package and overflowing of the product being filled. Nozzles are mouth-closed, so do not drip. Filling process is in full weight and provides very easy setting possibilities for more than one product.


NOTE: As Meditek Machinery, we provide you the opportunity to use equipment brands that you can choose and procure during the machine production phase. These include electrical, electronic and pneumatic equipment. We also provide the technical support for the machines we produce.



1.         Machine size                                               2000 mm

2.         Machine belt size                                        5000 mm

3.         Machine height                                            2100 mm

4.         Machine width                                              1800 mm

5.         Machine weight                                            1500 kg

6.         Machine capacity                                          2000-2500 units/hour

7.         Machine electrical power                              6000 W 

8.         Pack diameter                                               30 – 120 mm 

9.         Pack height                                                   100 – 250 mm

10.       Pack size                                                       20 – 150 mm

11.       Machine chasis material                                304 stainless steel

12.       Filling mouth units                                          8 units

13.        Filling weight                                                 150 gr – 1000 (optional)

14.        Speed setting                                                 PLC speed control 

15.        Time setting                                                   PLC time control 

16.        Control system                                               PLC monitor system

17.        Pack material                                                 Plastic, pet, glass

18.        Filling hoses                                                   Braided food hose

19.        Filling valves                                                  Pneumatic

20.        Air pressure                                                    6 – 8 Bar

21.        Filling materials                                              316 stainless steel

22.        Filling reservoir                                               +/- 200 kg stainless steel



Filling nozzle group8 units
Filling dosing hoppers8 units
Automatic fluid supply system1 unit
Conveyor conveying system (servo)1 unit
Filling motion system (hydraulic or servo)1 unit
Nozzle motion system (hydraulic or servo)1 unit
Automatic weighing system1 unit
Stock reservoir1 unit
Packaging centering system1 unit
Touch screen1 unit

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